Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses of Chaiyi City
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Aim to Establis

       To show our loving care to our foreign and mainland Chinese spouses of Chiayi City , we help to
promote adaptability of both environmental and life in Taiwan . This center provides the service of the
professional manpower of our social worker thus assist our foreign and mainland Chinese spouses of
Chiayi City to build up and reach one’s family society , welfare , resources network to meet and adapt
with various culture.

*Our Goal:

  To make use and exercise of our social worker's professional method , that offer and concern about
service voluntarily . To hold counsel with our community resources as well as to introduce conduct deals
with life adaptation courses in lecture classes .
This assist our foreign and mainland Chinese spouses to incorporate with the life and culture of this city.

#Who can avail of our service:

    Nationality from Vietnam , Indonesia , Philippines , Cambodia , Thailand  , Burma , mainland China
and other countries whose under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Government of Chiayi City due to
married immigrants' friend and their family.

#Services Offered:

1 . Personal family visit or telephone call for foreign and mainland Chinese spouses  After thorough visit
  or call by the center , we try to understand the livelihood interaction of our foreign and mainland
 Chinese spouses , in order to promote better husband and wife relationship , to improve problems
 between mother-in-law and daughter in law , in this way reduces the friction of life and cultural
 differences for a happy and harmonious family .

2. Consultation and Referral service

  Includes husband and wife relationship , parent-child relationship , issues between mother-in-law and
  daughter-in-law , which connect family to consultation and guidance references . Interpreter for foreign
  spouses can be arrange if needed.

3 . Motorcycle License Test Class

  In order to assist the foreign spouses to be adopt to the way of living in Taiwan , we strengthen our
  foreign spouses with traffic safety education and substantial general knowledge on roadway traffic .
 In helping to get driver's license , our foreign spouses will be able to incorporate as soon as possible
 with the society and environment in Taiwan . Therefore giving individual independence that can make
  life more convenient .

4 . Handle Indefinite Correlation and Lecture Course

 An indefinite lecture course given by efficient person on duty , like computer ability class , about
 women , oneself , or grown-up groups , and other couple's communicative lecture .

5 .  Custom Information on Books And Newspapers of Foreign Countries

    Offer newspapers and magazines in native language such as Thailand , Vietnam , Indonesia , English ,
 and mainland Chinese . so whether in your homeland or in Taiwan , they are free to obtain information
 to reduce homesickness or moods .

6.  Consultation on International Information Network ;

 New immigrants can get the benefit of using our installed internet room , also a guidance person can
 lead you for getting information from your homeland .

7 . Recruit and T rain Volunteers

    We warmly welcome fellow citizens to come and join us , and we arrange related training activity to
 improve our quality service .

8 . Bonding Resources , Society and Referral

 By combining society , resources, we assist our foreign spouses to establish in the internet . also
 provide family education program , law consultation , marriage consultation , state of subsidize ,
 and other occupational consultation .

9.  Provide State of Subsidize

 Before the foreign spouses get their registered permanent resident , the center bound up benefit
 support on special case you have experience . There is also assistance for qualified foreign and
 mainland Chinese spouses on financial difficulties .

10.  Homework Guidance Class for Single Parent and Low-income Family

    Strengthen guidance lesson is focus on single parent and low-income family.

11.  Fundamental Service for Pre-school children of foreign spouses

 A fundamental service plan is given through the children and family of foreign spouses that provide
 home study service and stronger parent-child relationship program .

12.Establish and Interpret the Manpower Data

     Establish the foreign and mainland Chinese spouses to get in touch with the  network, to bring up and
 help each other's support on emotional feelings that   lightens the mood in life’s conflict .

13.Violence on Foreign and Mainland Chinese Spouses

 Support preventive and cure of foreign and mainland Chinese spouses’ personal safety, uphold
 knowledge and to understand the notification lines of relevant items .


4F.,NO.6 DE-AN RD.,WEST DISTRICT, CHIAYI CITY 600,TAIWAN(R.O.C.) TEL:886-5-2310445 FAX:886-5-2319265